Discover Incredible India for yourself

At Project Karuna, we have visited over 100 countries across the globe. But if you asked us to tell you the most incredible travel memories of our lives, all of them would be in India. Imagine having a 14-course tasting menu in the backdrop of the world's tallest mountains while Himalyan yaks graze in front of you. Imagine watching a surreal purple Milky Way galaxy fade as the sun rises to the dance of clouds at the world's highest tea estate. Imagine being serenaded by a flute player in the middle of an oasis in the Thar Desert. Imagine having the Taj Mahal all to yourself. Imagine a private dinner in a floating 17th century marble lake palace with fireworks all around you. India is a dream come true.

India : Remote, Undiscovered and Stunningly Quiet.

To many people, India means super crowded streets, colorful markets and the Taj Mahal. But if you live here, or if you've traveled India the right way, you know there's so much more to India. For us, India is unexplored. The India we know is stunningly quiet and peaceful. And that's why we call ourselves Project Karuna. "Karuna" is the Sanskrit word for compassion. We believe that traveling India the right way will change your life. India will move you to tears and fill you with so much hope for our shared future. The Indian story is the story of hope and aspiration. When you visit our stunning villages (which you must), you will see the staggering amount of good work happening on the ground. How life in this country has never been better and how there's only one direction we go from here. Up.

There's something for everyone.

Whether this is your first visit to India or your 20th, there's something new for everyone. A stunning unexplored coastline (with some of the most gorgeous beach villas in the world), over ten thousand immaculately restored palaces, inspiring rural communities that you can contribute to... The list is genuinely endless. According to Conde Nast Traveller, 6 of the 10 most luxurious hotels in the world are in India, and they make the perfect pad to explore India from. If explored right, India is a magical country and we would love to plan your next trip to heaven.

Slices of the Indian Life

There is magic in this land. Come, see it for yourself in these pictures from our travels. Keep up with our travels on Instagram here .

Who Are We?

We are a team of graduates from Stanford University and we work on tackling extreme poverty in rural India. You can find more about some of our work here and here . While traveling from village to village, we fell in love with this country and we hope to help you fall in love with India.

Ideal Client

Our ideal clients are ready to have their minds blown and their hearts warmed. They come with no negative assumptions about India and are eager to learn and share. They expect a certain level of luxury and authenticity in their experiences. So, they are as happy listening to sufi saints sing qawalli in a dilapidated 14th century mosque, as they are in their stunning suite in the Oberoi Udaivilas overlooking the shimmering city of Udaipur.

What we don't do

We don't help organize travel on a strictly limited budget. Tourism can be a burden to a developing country like India (especially if you are visiting villages with limited infrastructure). We believe that there are only two forms of ethical travel in India. You spend money (which goes to local businesses and helps flourish the local industries) or you give your time (by volunteering in local organizations). If you are traveling on a limited budget, we would love to connect you to organizations you can volunteer at.

To Our Fellow Indians

Project Karuna hopes to help Indians fall in love with their own country. We are beyond happy to plan trips for you closer to your homes and help you rediscover India. Please read more of our vision for Indian travelers here.

Come fall in love with India

Please reach out to us at to know more. You can also reach out to us via Instagram or via iMessage at +91 9113571632. We would love to plan your next trip to heaven!